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The three lines on my Profit Switch are set to intersect at any moment and trigger a new trade.

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You’ve just seen how my Profit Switch alerts me to huge price surges BEFORE they happen!

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Profit Switch Lines

As you can see, the external compression and internal pressure line have already intersected.

By my calculations, the third and final line could intersect at any moment.

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Let’s quickly recap everything you’ll receive as a member of Profit Switch:


1 Year of Profit Switch

  • Trade Alerts

    Every time my Profit Switch identifies a new trade, I’ll do my own analysis on it. If I confirm the stock is on the cusp of a huge upside move, we’ll issue you a trade alert via email. This will include simple, easy-to-read instructions on how to buy the stock in question — including its name, ticker symbol and buy-up-to point. You’ll also get my analysis detailing why the Profit Switch has intersected.

Trade Alerts
  • Beginner’s Guide to Investing

    Even if you’ve never bought a stock before in your life, we’ve got you covered. This handy guide includes everything you need to get started with Profit Switch. You’ll learn how to set up a brokerage account. How to buy and sell shares. I’ll even show you a simple check box inside most brokerage accounts that boosts your returns on certain big, well-known stocks.

  • Profit Switch Quick-Start Guide

    Inside, I walk you through my personal stock investing strategy, in detail. The exact strategy I’ve combined with artificial intelligence to hyperscale to “one winner per week” performance. And the culmination of my 40 years in finance. You’ll learn exactly how I pick stocks about to soar.

Trading Manual
  • Weekly Webinar

    It’s time to go deep. In my weekly online seminar, I’ll give an in-depth analysis of my most recent stock picks. And use my world-renowned economist perspective to decipher what’s happening in the wider market.

Weekly Updates
  • Private Member’s Area

    You’ll have an exclusive log in and password to our encrypted website … where you can access every report, every special weekly alert … and most importantly … the entire model portfolio. This is where you’ll be able to track the position of every trade I’ve issued, past and present. And crucially, see how high the stocks in the model portfolio are climbing.

  • Customer Care Hotline

    You’ll receive a confidential number, giving you direct access to our highly trained and specialized member care team. These men and women are specifically trained to help you with your Profit Switch subscription.

Customer Service
  • Private Email Address

    This is your direct line to me and my team. I want to make sure you make as much money as humanly possible from my Profit Switch service. So if you have any questions about the service, or my recommendations, please do reach out. I want to hear from you.

Private Email

Sign up to Profit Switch now, and it could pay for your subscription in the next few days.

Considering everything you’ve just discovered about my Profit Switch you could expect me to charge tens of thousands of dollars for access.

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The official entry fee to join me and my group of subscribers making money hand over fist in my Profit Switch service is $2,000.

But — by signing up to Profit Switch now — you’re about to prove you have perhaps the No. 1 ability of a successful trader.

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