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It’s not every day you see a CEO with a $73 million stake in his company.

That’s close to 6 million shares — which gives him some serious skin in the game.

This guy obviously believes in his company — and thinks its stock is about to soar.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this could be a huge profit opportunity in the making.

At least, I thought it didn’t. But Wall Street is completely missing it.

Not only has it turned a blind eye to this company…

But it has also seriously underestimated its market value.

While Mr. Market is busy looking the other way…

One former Wall Street investor sees a massive opportunity for profit.

Charles image.

Charles Mizrahi is never one to miss a chance to make money.

During his nearly 40 years on Wall Street, he became known for his ability to make a profit — no matter what’s happening in the markets or economy.

Remember the 1987 Black Monday crash? He saw it coming and pulled his clients out of stocks in the nick of time.

He also shouted out warnings about the internet stock craze — which led to the dot-com crash of 1999 — and the housing bubble that sparked the 2008 financial crisis.

And back in November 2021 — when bitcoin was trading at about $67,000 — he predicted cryptos were headed for a bloodbath.

He told people to steer clear of them, and he was right.

Since then, bitcoin has lost as much as 70% of its value.

Over his nearly 40 years on Wall Street, Charles has saved many a retirement account from disaster…

And has given his clients opportunity after opportunity to make a fortune.

He’s about to do it again — with what he calls “The Strongest Company in the World.”

This company’s stock could easily DOUBLE your money over the next four years.

When Charles saw the CEO’s enormous stake in his own company, he knew this was something BIG.

So, he rolled up his sleeves and started researching the company’s financials … the industry data … and the CEO’s background…

And here’s what he found…

1. This company has grown into a powerful monopoly.

With a market share of 55%, it dominates its industry.

It’s the top dog. The king of the hill. And no other business can touch it in terms of scale, quality of product and revenues.

Just look at what happened in 2021. It wiped the floor with its closest competitor…

By generating nearly SEVEN TIMES more revenue for the year.

Stock comparison chart.

No other company in its industry can come close.

And with cost being a huge barrier to companies wanting to enter this market, it’s unlikely any real competitors will challenge its position any time soon.

When you invest in a company that dominates a market like that, it’s hard not to make money.

Especially if you can get in early — or at a bargain price.

Take a look at Apple. It currently dominates the cellphone industry with a 62% market share.

However, back in 2012, the company only had 25% of the market. Competition from Samsung was heating up. And naysayers believed Apple’s best days were over.

A Forbes contributor even predicted…

Newspaper tearout image.

That threw Mr. Market into a panic and pushed the stock price down below the company’s true value.

Charles knew better.

His analysis of the company revealed that it was on the verge of explosive growth. And it could be had for a song.

So, ignoring all the noise about Apple’s inevitable demise, he issued a buy alert that December — right before the stock price went ballistic.

People that bought when Charles recommended the stock — and held onto their shares — could have made gains as high as 1,056% when the price peaked in January 2022.

Apple chart.

That’s the power of investing in a near-monopoly.

And that’s why Charles predicts the company featured in this BUY ALERT Report could easily make gains of 100% in the next four years.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go much higher than that. Especially considering this…

2. Its industry is expected to nearly double in size by 2030 — setting it on a path to accelerated growth.

Yes, even if inflation continues to climb, and we’re stuck in a recession that lasts for years.

This industry creates products that our cellphones, appliances and vehicles need to function properly.

In fact, anything containing electronics needs what this industry has to offer.

And as cellphones and other devices get “smarter,” demand for this industry’s products will only continue to increase.

So, it’s hard to imagine anything having the power to stop it from exploding to $1 trillion over the next eight years…

And creating a strong tailwind for this buy alert company to grow as well.

That’s why Charles predicts it will easily grow its earnings by 20% annually over the next four years.

Of course, we can’t forget about its rock-star leadership…

3. The CEO has been called one of the greatest leaders in the entire world.

It’s not just me saying that. Or even Charles.

This is coming from a piece in Fortune magazine, which couldn’t sing his praises enough.

This CEO has decades of experience in the industry creating value for investors…

And it shows.

Since he became CEO in 2013, the company’s stock has soared as much as 855% — versus a peak gain of just 172% for the stock market during the same time period.

stock comparison chart.

Driving value for shareholders seems to be at the heart of every decision he makes.

And of course, you already know that he’s not just the CEO…

He’s also one of the company’s largest shareholders.

“With close to six million shares of the company in his portfolio — valued at $73 million — he has some serious skin in the game.”

Now, the excellence of the CEO … the lack of competition … and the projected growth of the industry … are three compelling reasons to load up on this stock.

But here’s one more…

And of course, you already know that he’s not just the CEO…

He’s also one of the company’s largest shareholders.

“With close to six million shares of the company in his portfolio — valued at $73 million — he has some serious skin in the game.”

Now, the excellence of the CEO … the lack of competition … and the projected growth of the industry … are three compelling reasons to load up on this stock.

But here’s one more…

This stock could be bought RIGHT NOW for a song.

Like I told you earlier, Wall Street is getting this one wrong.

So wrong.

It seems completely blind to the fact that this company has…

  • Earned nearly seven times the revenue of its nearest competitor, if you can call it that — leaving it in the dust…
  • Developed a reputation for manufacturing excellence that’s the envy of the industry…
  • Invests heavily in research and development — spending nearly $4 billion on innovation in 2021 alone…
  • Filed more than 45,000 patents — which makes it one of the top patent holders in the world.
  • Diversified its revenue across several markets — which helps maintain profitability and market share…
  • And hired a CEO that can dance circles around any other leader in that entire industry.

It’s got everything going for it — and more.

But Mr. Market has apparently lost its mind.

It’s priced this company’s stock way under what its market value should be — as much as 50% lower than it’s actually worth.

Wall Street might be missing out on this potentially huge opportunity — but you don’t have to.

You can get this stock at bargain prices and grab the opportunity to double your money over the next four years…

By claiming this urgent BUY ALERT Report for only $1.97!

That’s it. Really.

For a small non-refundable processing fee of $1.97, you can discover all you need to know about the Buy Alert Company…

Its ticker symbol and details on its industry, financials, market share, competition and CEO…


The works.

We put everything you could possibly need to complete the trade in your urgent BUY ALERT Report.

But that’s not all you’ll get.

We’ll also give you access to Charles Mizrahi’s top investment picks for the next 90 days.

Yes, you’ll get three months’ worth of research and recommendations from one of the most successful investors on Wall Street.

No exaggeration. Charles is hands down one of the best.

Barron’s crowned him the top market timer — which is like winning the Superbowl in Wall Street’s world — for seven years in a row.

The Wall Street Journal listed him as one of the top performers of 1998…

And Market Watch called him one of the 10 best-performing advisors of 2015.

Charles' Market Timer rank by Barron's image.

He’s also been featured in The New York Times, Investment Age and The Epoch Times. And he’s appeared on CNBC, Newsmax and The Huckabee Show.

Charles on The Huckabee Show image.

Mike Huckabee himself calls Charles “one of the top investment gurus in America.”

Charles was making money hand over fist for his clients. But he walked away.

He wasn’t interested in making the incredibly wealthy richer anymore. There was someone that needed his help more…

Main Street Americans.

Regular people like his own working-class parents.

Folks without millions of dollars to invest — who still want and deserve a comfortable retirement.

This is why he started Alpha Investor… to help these people start making real money in the markets.

So, when you pay $1.97 for your BUY ALERT Report today…

Charles is going to give you exclusive 90-day access to all Alpha Investor has to offer…

So you can have even MORE opportunities to profit.

Charles’ monthly research briefings have been helping his close to 100,000 readers invest with confidence — and take control of their financial future. And some of them have knocked the ball right out of the park with their investments.

Here are a few of our favorite success stories:

John S. said…

“I decided to take over my retirement account from my financial analyst. I did not like where they were investing it. I started your newsletter right after the Covid crash. In about 14 months my $300, 000 is now almost doubled at $547,000.”

James L. wrote Charles to say…

“I am 75 years young. I subscribed to Alpha Investor with $25,000 to invest in to a 3-to-5-year approach. Remarkedly, the smattering of stocks you recommended is now worth $30,000 in just 3 months.”

And Roy T. found Charles after he and his wife lost $30,000 investing on their own. Just four months after joining Alpha Investor, he wrote…

“We finally have peace with our investing. I wish I knew about you 15 years ago. We would’ve been millionaires. Thank you for loving the small investors.”

Charles eliminates the guesswork — so you can make more money with less stress.

Of course, he doesn’t always get it right. It’s not like he has a crystal ball hidden in his office.

But with nearly 40 years on Wall Street under his belt, he knows what to look for. And that stacks the odds in your favor.

Whether you’re an experienced investor or a complete newbie…

Alpha Investor clears away the uncertainty and makes investing both simple and profitable.

For the three months of your free trial period, you won’t have to worry about which stocks to invest in.

Charles will hand you his recommendations — on a silver platter.

“I'm a newer subscriber. I wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying your services as you have taken the guesswork out of ‘when’ to buy a stock and the leg work out of ‘what’ to buy. Thank you.”

— Cindy G.

He’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. All the research. All the analysis.

You just have to review his recommendations and decide if you want to invest or not.

That’s it. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

You’ll be in good hands with Charles. You won’t have to worry about your investments — or about your retirement plans.

Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Here’s everything you’ll get with your 90-day trial subscription to Alpha Investor…

When you pay $1.97 to grab your copy of the BUY ALERT Report, you’re not only getting all the details you need to take advantage of the money-making opportunity I’ve been raving about.

You’ll also get…


3 Monthly Research Briefings

Charles will send you an in-depth, eight-page briefing about a stock that he believes has the greatest potential to make you some serious money.

These reports arrive in your inbox once a month — like clockwork. So, you will receive three total during your trial period.

Yes, you’ll get THREE more stock picks to consider — in addition to the company featured in your BUY ALERT Report.

Monthly Briefings image.

But don’t worry about these briefings being filled with hard-to-understand investor lingo.

They’re written in plain English. A 10-year-old could read and comprehend them.

Charles’ Model Portfolio

For a full 90 days, you’ll have complete access to all the stocks Charles has recommended to his readers.

So, the moment you become a trial member, you can pull up the model portfolio and discover even MORE companies to invest in…

Some of which have doubled and even tripled in price since he recommended them.

Model Portfolio image.

We suggest you look for stocks that are below Charles’ “Buy Up To” price. They’re still good buys that have the potential to return a hefty profit for you.

If one of them catches your eye, click on its ticker symbol to get more information and decide if you want to buy in or not.

Weekly Updates and Alerts for the Next 3 Months

Every week, Charles sends out a video to update you on the portfolio and the markets — and to even answer questions he gets from his readers.

If you prefer to read the update, he also provides a link for you to access the transcript online.

Weekly Updates and Trade Alerts image.

Plus, you’ll get trade alerts when it’s time to sell a stock — or if there’s big news about one of the companies in Charles’ model portfolio.

You’re never left in the dark. And you’ll always know when it’s the right time to buy or sell a stock.

90-Day Access to the Private, Members-Only Website

This the Motherlode.

Charles’ research briefings, special reports, alerts and the model portfolio are all posted on one secure website for your convenience. All you need is a computer or our app on your tablet or smartphone — and everything you need is at your fingertips 24/7 from pretty much anywhere in the world.

Website Access image.

Dedicated Customer Care Team

If you ever have questions, these are the people to ask. This highly trained team is dedicated to helping you make the most out of your experience with Alpha Investor.

Customer Care image.

Plus, we’ve added a special bonus for you:

The Alpha Investor Investing Manual

In this report, you get to look behind the curtain and see how Charles finds game-changing businesses with true profit potential.

He’ll take you step-by-step through his unique approach — and turn just about everything you think you know about investing on its head.

The Alpha Investor Investing Manual image.

For less than the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee, you can change your financial future for the better.

Everything you get with your subscription.

Remember, for a single processing fee of $1.97, you get…

  • All the details you need to invest in the company featured in Charles’ BUY ALERT Report — which has the potential to double your money over the next four years…
  • Three stock picks — one per month during your 90-day trial offer — that Charles believes have the greatest chance to make you a boatload of money…
  • Access to Charles’ model portfolio, which is loaded with opportunities for profit…
  • And the support and tools you need to become a better, more successful investor.

This is an absolute gold mine — especially if you’re just getting started with investing. You’ll have enough stock picks to build a decent-sized portfolio over the next three months.

Just think what that could do for your family — and for your retirement.

The potential value here is really beyond price. But you can have it all today for only $1.97.

Even better…

It’s easy to continue your access to Charles’ research and stock picks after your 90-day trial period ends.

We’ll send you an email near the end of your Alpha Investor trial subscription — notifying you that it’s about to expire.

If you want to continue to receive monthly stock picks from Charles … access his model portfolio … and get alerts when it’s time to sell for the most potential profit…

Do nothing. And we’ll automatically add a full year of service at the low rate of just $79 with absolutely no risk.

You’ll be covered by Charles’ 100% money-back guarantee. So, if you change your mind about his service during the year, all you have to do is call his team for a full refund.

Charles’ 100% money-back guarantee. So, if you change your mind about his service during the year, all you have to do is call his team for a full refund.

Now, if you don’t want to continue beyond your trial period, simply let us know before it expires. And you won’t be charged another dime.

The reports and newsletters you receive up to that point are yours to keep. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for giving Charles’ service a try.

So, there’s really no risk — and so much to gain.

This is your chance to create the financial future of your dreams … and all it takes is $1.97 in pocket change.

Stuart A. has relied on Charles for 90% of his investments over the last decade. And he’s made a lot of money.

He sent an email to tell him saying…

“I’m living the American Dream due in large part to you. Thank you so much for all you do. I’ve come to trust you enormously.”

Now it’s your turn to put Charles to the test. And you can do it for under two bucks.

Remember, you get at least FOUR opportunities to profit over the next 90 days — more, if you take advantage of stocks already in Charles’ model portfolio.

And you pay less than you would for a Starbucks coffee.

So, what are you waiting for?

Fill out the order form below and click the orange button to claim your BUY ALERT Report and start your 90-day trial today.


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