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  • Why Main Street investors who want to make money should never, EVER look at stock charts — Page 84.

  • Which types of stocks have what it takes to thrive even if the unimaginable happens — like a crash or pandemic — and which ones don’t — Page 74.

  • The “magic” amount to invest in each stock. Too little and it could take you decades to make a fortune. Too much and you could get wiped out overnight — Page 78.

  • Plus 113 pages of much, much more!

Successful and distinguished Americans, including former TV host Bill O’Reilly … Governor Mike Huckabee … renowned Harvard Professor Dan Lieberman … Lieutenant Colonel Allen West … author Dr. Peter Wood … retired U.S. Navy SEAL Darren McBurnett … and even Sarah Palin have spoken with him about money, freedom, perseverance, success and the American dream.

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Image of Wall Street Profits for Main Street Investors book
Image of Wall Street Profits for Main Street Investors book

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