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Get a One-Year Subscription to Strategic Fortunes for Only $500 $97

Along With Three Five Free Tech Boom Reports (A $600 Value)


Hi, Ian King here.

Thank you for watching my presentation today!

And congratulations on your decision to join Strategic Fortunes … where I’m showing folks just like you how to invest in the stock market for massive profits.

The average position is up over 100% since inception (2019) with some stocks such as Solar Edge and Tesla soaring as high as 227% and 919% in just over a year.

Now it’s your turn to profit.

To have the chance to make gains of 100%.


Maybe even 1,000% over the next decade.

Bottom line is this … if you like making money in the stock market (a lot of money), you’re going to love Strategic Fortunes.

And your timing couldn’t be any better.

This massive tech boom is just starting. What was supposed to take decades to unfold … is unfolding right now.

New era companies are popping up every day that specialize in artificial intelligence, big data, 5G, the Internet of Things, autonomous cars, precision medicine, cloud computing, blockchain and so much more.

I’ve never seen so many opportunities to make so much money.

And I want you to be fully equipped to profit along the way. Which is why your Strategic Fortunes subscription includes access to…

  • My Easy to Follow Model Portfolio

    This portfolio includes every stock that’s on my “buy now” list. It’s extremely easy to use. It will tell you what I recommend buying, at what price and when I recommend selling. If there is a chance to make “strategic fortunes,” I’m going to find it and recommend it.

  • Trade Alerts

    When it is time to buy or sell a stock, I will send you a trade alert via email. The email will tell you exactly how to act on my recommendation, along with an explanation. You can use your phone or computer to make the trade. These alerts make investing super easy and convenient.

  • Weekly Updates

    Every Thursday, I host a short webinar. In it, I’ll update you on the market, our positions and answer frequently asked questions so that you are never left in the dark. I want to be there for you as much as possible!

  • Daily Tips

    You’ll also get daily tips from my team and me. These are short articles that address what’s happening in the stock market, so you’re never out of the loop.

  • Monthly Reports

    This is an eight-page “dossier” that I send out every month. I use it to take a deep dive into our next stock recommendation so that you can see exactly why I recommend buying it. You will see what I see, hear what I hear and be able to think the way I think.

  • Website Access

    I keep track of everything on a secure website — the portfolio, trade alerts, webinars and monthly reports are all there for easy access. The instant you sign up, you will be able to get full, unrestricted access to everything.

  • Customer Support

    I have a dedicated customer care team. If you ever have any questions about your membership, simply give one of my team members a call. They will walk you through anything you need.

A $500 Value…
Yours, for only $97

A one-year subscription to Strategic Fortunes has a $500 value.

At that price, frankly, it’s a steal.

But I don’t want anything holding you back when you sign up today. As this tech boom explodes higher, this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to profit.

That’s why my team and I reduced the price to just $97…

But that’s not all.

I also authorized my team to rush you two digital reports for free.

  • Free Report No. 1: How to Make a Fintech Fortune

    This report reveals all the details on my top stock pick … a company so revolutionary experts call it “one of the most disruptive stocks in the world.” I expect it to soar 1,000% over the next decade.

Fintech Fortunes Report
  • Free Report No. 2: The Company Leading the $12 Trillion 5G Revolution

    As millions of people need high-speed internet access for their homes, this company’s technology is primed to surge. You can scoop it up today for less than $10 a share.

5G Revolution Report

These two reports have a $200 value, and they’re yours at no cost.

However, with so many opportunities to profit, I didn’t want to stop there. So I also authorized my team to rush your three additional reports at no charge.

  • Free Report No. 3: Buy This Millennial App Now

    We’ve seen pure app companies such as Snap and Pinterest soar 300% and 400% in less than a year. I think this company’s stock could do the same in the next year as it disrupts a $250 billion market.

Buy This App Report
  • Free Report No. 4: The Driverless Car Race is Here: Grab Over 100% Gains Now

    Autonomous driving will disrupt the $4.8 trillion global transportation industry the same way Amazon disrupted the retail industry. And this one company will have the edge in making the technology to fit all those vehicles.

Driverless Car Race Report
  • Free Report No. 5: The 20-Minute Retirement Solution: 5 Stocks for a Wealthy Retirement

    This special report details my entire strategy…

    And each of the five stocks in your five-stock retirement index…

    Stocks specifically chosen because they possess the Five Profit Factors I look for to create a true, “set it and forget” retirement plan.

All Five Reports Are Yours at No Cost (a $600 Value) When You Accept a 100% Risk-Free Subscription to Strategic Fortunes

Yes, your subscription is 100% risk free.

Take the entire year to try Strategic Fortunes.

Read the monthly reports.

Watch the weekly updates.

Follow the model portfolio and the trade alerts.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, simply let my team know, and they’ll issue you a full refund of your payment.

It’s that simple.

As you’ve seen, the vast majority of people are enjoying their experience. They love seeing the 100% gains, 500% gains and even 900% gains that have come in over the last two years.

And while the profits are great, they also love having an expert like me guide in the stock market.

Which is why over 100,000 people from all across America have already subscribed.

Some are complete novices to the world of investments. Others are seasoned pros.

Some may be interested in how to start with just a few hundred dollars. Others may be starting with hundreds of thousands.

But they all have one thing in common … they decided to take me up on a risk-free subscription to Strategic Fortunes.

Now it’s your turn.

Yes! Enroll me in a One-Year Subscription to Strategic Fortunes for $97

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