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The New Era Fortunes portfolio:

This is one of the most important parts of your membership. As a member of New Era Fortunes, you will see ALL of Ian's research on every stock he has a buy rating on at that moment for the best chance at making 1,000% gains in as little as the next 12 months. Altogether, access to this model portfolio alone could run into tens of thousands in value — and you get unlimited access to it.


Free Report: Ian King’s Top 3 SPACs to Buy Now:

You’ll also get immediate access to Ian’s brand-new Private SPAC portfolio. This includes Ian’s top 3 SPACs to buy now. It contains world-class research on every SPAC Ian is recommending … along with detailed explanations about the private companies they plan to merge with. You’ll benefit from decades of experience as Ian and his team dig through mountains of data for you, to find the most profitable opportunities in the SPAC market today.

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Free Report: Ian King’s Top 3 “New Era” Windfall Opportunities:

With New Era Fortunes, Ian is focused solely on the most forward-looking, small-cap tech companies leading us into the constantly evolving “new era” of innovation. This confidential investment dossier reveals his top three small caps to own right now. Ian has vetted each of these stocks carefully, and he’s confident the timing is perfect for each one of them to potentially make 1,000% or more in as little as the next 12 months.

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Trade alerts:

At least once every month, Ian will send you a detailed email with a brand-new investment recommendation. This email will lay out complete research on potential home-run stocks that Ian has identified. He'll break down how the stock fits the parameters of his proprietary five-phase strategy, and he’ll reveal all of his research on why he expects it to be the best candidate to secure a gain of 1,000% or more in the months and years ahead.


Weekly webinar updates:

Once a week, Ian will record an in-depth market update for you to watch and listen to. And if you would like, you can even read the transcript. Think of it like having a short conversation with him on the phone, where he updates you on the market and positions in the model portfolio and what to expect in the near term.


24/7 access to the New Era Fortunes website:

You will receive a login and password to our encrypted New Era Fortunes website. This website holds every trade alert, every special report and every video that Ian and his team have put together. You can also opt-in to receive text messages whenever an urgent update is published.


A dedicated customer care team:

We have a team of well-trained and educated customer care representatives who can help you with any questions you might have about your membership without long wait times. You'll receive your customer care hotline number after you place your risk-free order below.

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