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Through these monthly reports, I’ll bring you everything you need for your chance to grow and protect your wealth and make your way toward true financial independence.

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My model portfolio is the culmination of all my investing experience over the last 20+ years. It contains all the stocks and investment opportunities on my “buy” list.

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Each week, you’ll get a short video from me giving you updates on our current positions and the market in general.

I use these updates to keep you up to date on new opportunities we’re looking into and any potential upcoming financial threats I see.

And I also go over your feedback and answer any frequently asked questions our readers have written in about that week.

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You will also receive 24/7 access to my private website. I keep all my latest information on an encrypted website that members can access at any time, from anywhere.

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And of course, you get a dedicated customer care team. If you ever have questions about your subscription, simply give one of my team members a call. They will walk you through whatever you need.

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Plus, daily financial insights from my team of contributors:

Big Picture. Big Profits. provides short insights from select experts that will open your eyes to even more unique ways to unlock greater wealth, health and peace of mind.

An overlooked stock opportunity, the most profitable ways to play gold, emerging markets news — you name it, they’ll show you how to take advantage of it.

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You’ll have a full 365 days to see if The Bauman Letter is right for you. If you aren’t perfectly satisfied — for any reason — just give us a call and we’ll refund every penny of your membership fee.

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  • Includes digital subscription to The Bauman Letter
  • Includes our automatic renewal benefit plus your free reports

  • Includes digital subscription to The Bauman Letter
  • Includes our automatic renewal benefit plus your free reports

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