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  • 311% in three months on Palantir…
  • 415% in 12 weeks on Virgin Galactic…
  • 467% in one month on Hertz…
  • 595% in four weeks on AMC…
  • 1,015% in 17 months on Hut 8 Mining…
  • 1,718% in 22 months on BIGG Digital Assets…

…Just to name a few.

Here’s Everything You Get as a New Member of Paul’s Secret Portfolio

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Timely Trade Alerts:

When a new “special opportunity” arises, we will send you a trade alert with everything you need to know about it, why we chose it and how to play it. We will also send you an alert on when we believe it’s time to sell any of our positions.

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Weekly Briefings:

Each week, we will send you a written or video update to discuss overall market conditions and address our portfolio. We’ll keep you in the know on important company announcements, along with any vital information you need about our recommendations. This is also where I’ll answer any questions you may have!

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Monthly Reports:

Because this service contains very unique and very special situations … we do a deep dive into every single one. Each month, you can expect a detailed report. You’ll receive my investigation into an opportunity we’re targeting that month. This in-depth research alone makes your subscription worth every penny.

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Paul’s Secret Portfolio’s Rules of the Investing Game:

This report is crucial for your success and understanding of my Secret Portfolio. We share information on how to use this service to create a safe and profitable portfolio.

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Model Portfolio:

This online portfolio is a snapshot of every open recommendation that we recommend. It will tell you what price we recommended buying in at, the stock’s current price, gains to date and total profits once sold.

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24/7 Private Portal Access:

All past and current issues, updates, alerts and reports are stored on an encrypted members-only website that you will be able to access at any time.

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Text Alerts:

To ensure you never miss an important trade, my team will issue a text alert any time you need to make a timely portfolio update.

(NOTE: I recommend signing up for SMS text alerts. Anytime I send a new trade, you’ll get a text message telling you it’s been posted to our private portal and sent to your inbox. This way you won’t miss a trade if you’re away from your email.)

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A Dedicated Customer Service Team:

We have a team of highly trained and educated customer care representatives who can help you with any questions you may have about your new subscription. We’ve got your back!

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But if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, just give us a call to cancel and you’ll receive a credit toward a service that fits you best.

If in the next 60 days, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, just give us a call to cancel and you’ll receive a credit toward a service that fits you best.

And because I’m so confident you’ll love Paul’s Secret Portfolio, I’ll gladly offer this ironclad satisfaction guarantee for 60 days to give full protection to your decision.

Plus, that’s not all…

When You Sign Up Today, You Also Get the Details of 1 of the Most Exciting Stocks I’ve Ever Recommended…

During the broadcast, I also mentioned a highly advanced tech firm that’s using cutting-edge AI technology to help solve the global supply chain disruption.

We’re talking about a key piece of technology… AI is essential to many of the world’s biggest companies. Companies like Google, Tesla, Amazon … even NASA.

It’s the lifeblood of everything from internet searches to social media to robotics, aviation, self-driving cars and more — future-focused industries that should only get bigger over the next few years.

And based on all my detailed research, I believe this exceptional company is laser-focused on capturing a large part of that market.

Put all that together, and you get one of the best trade setups in the market right now.

And whether or not you choose to stay, you’ll keep all three world-class research reports mentioned during the broadcast…

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  • Rebel Stock Buy Alert: Two Companies With Built-In Moonshot Potential

    All my research on these two companies … their industry … and this incredible opportunity.

  • 10 Speculative Bets on New Future Perfect Technologies

    Details of 10 incredible companies which are leading the major tech mega trends that are changing the world right before our eyes.

  • The Cutting-Edge Tech Firm "Futurizing" the Global Supply Chain

    Focused on a highly advanced tech firm with estimated revenue growth of 344% by next year, and one of the best trade setups in the market today.

That’s 13 of my best stock recommendations — yours to keep no matter what.

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